"LATOYA JANE" A.K.A Latoya Aneeka Rodney is an emerging female MC from Toronto, Ontario who surfaced on the rap scene in 2003 and decided never to look back.

Growing up in one of the roughest and most notoriously known areas of the city, Jane and Finch, she embarked on a life journey of violence and crime. Latoya Jane (formerly known as JANE FROM FINCH) began deejaying the art of rap over reggae riddims at the young age of 4. She took a keen interest in dancing for "Phenomenal" choreographers such as Jae Blaze and Luther Brown at the Driftwood Community Centre, which she has enjoyed doing for over 16 years.

Experiencing the trials and tribulations that street life conveyed, Latoya Jane was infamous in her crowd. Nicknamed "Creature" by her then peers, she was submerged into a cyclone of the streets and eventually found herself incarcerated for a year and a half in a Toronto women's facility. Through her unexpected incarceration, series of unfortunate family events and with God's will, Latoya made a vast decision to change her perception on life and captivate a wider audience through her music. Her gift and natural flair fascinated the attention of the guards at the women's facility, who encouraged and pushed her to follow her dreams and pursue her talents. This is where she evolved as an artist and began to create forward movement and positivity amongst the youth of our generation. With her exceptional and soul-consuming talent for singing and her distinctive, hard-edged lyrical rap flow, Latoya is a force to be reckoned with.

Overlooking the pain, Latoya has used it as a driving force. She now dedicates herself deeply to helping other individuals remove themselves from a downward spiraling lifestyle by creating positive change. She uses her God-given musical and writing talents to uplift and impact others directly from her personal life experiences; making her authentic in the art she delivers.

With her major influences being God first and foremost and then musically acclaimed artist Lauren Hill, Latoya Jane has created a career of "empowerment". She has reached out to at risk youths by delivering passionate performances in venues such as high-school tours, shelters, night clubs, banquet halls and Dundas Square.

Her first single "Put the Guns Down" marked her debut on the national music scene and was a fitting track to show Latoya Jane as an important new voice from the urban Canadian movement. Latoya continues to deliver her word at numerous venues across Ontario, has had several articles printed in the Toronto Sun, Metro & 24Hours Newspapers and is a frequent guest on CBC News. She is now hard at work in the studio and is poised to release her highly anticipated single "Have It All".

A true representation of a woman who portrays strength, wisdom and knowledge, Latoya has defied all odds and will continue the touch the lives of many around the world. Seen as a struggle to the unknown, she is not just a female MC but she is the voice of reason.

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